What desktop publishing program can I use for small business that is inexpensive but good?


I’m looking to start a small online business personalizing invitations, announcements, labels, etc. I am not a graphic designer but I am very creative hence the reason for this venture. What programs can I use for creating these types of products that is inexpensive to start with and does not require me to go back to school for desktop publishing? Also, do you know of any printers who work with small business owners for these types of products?




Your small business sounds like it will make a very, very small profit….if any profit at all. It sounds as though your extensive experience in the field would require some….. research. You should probably talk to someone already in the business and see if it is even viable. That would be the most, as you say, ‘inexpensive to start’.

Good luck.


A great inexpensive desktop publishing program for doing what you are looking to do is Microsoft Publisher. I own a Sign / Printshop and I have alot of customers that use it and I even use it myself from time to time

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