What is the difference between graphic design and desktop publishing?


I am interested in desiging layout for a magazine. Is that graphic design or desktop publishing?

Can you give me a brief description of what graphic design is vs. what desktop publishing is?

Thanks in advance!
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Graphic design is creating logos and such, so you want desktop publishing. You may also want to explore print journalism.

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The best way to answer your quest is that desktop publishing is a small aspect of the graphic design industry.

Desktop publishing is essentially dealing with the content aspect of the publishing industry. It is dealing with layouts, placement, content, imagery, and just about everything else that is required of putting together a published piece with the except of the written content and the actual printing aspect of it. It is the heart and soul of the publishing business.

To correct what the previous answerer stated, the current world of graphic design goes far beyond just logos. These days graphic designers are not only expected to design logos and stationery, but also know a significant amount of desktop publishing, typography, printing, and to a lesser extent photography, advertising, and web design. We are expected to know a little bit of everything when it comes to designing projects.

To answer your question, yes, what you are interested in is desktop publishing. However, there are very few jobs these days that are purely desktop publishing with the except of the newspaper industry. Anything that involves designing layouts these days are turned over to graphic designers, so if that’s what you’re interested it in then that should be what you should be pursuing.

Good luck to you in your future endeavors.

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